Marco Island & Goodland facts

Marco Island is considered to be the largest of the 10,000 islands. The name actually came from Spanish Explorers in the mid 1500s. Marco Island is about 22.8 square miles. The Calusa Indians inhabited these islands and many others though it seems they were densely populate on Marco Island and Goodland. It seems they used Goodland for growing some of their crops. Development on Marco begain in the 1800s with the arrival of William Thomas Collier. For a while the only way on the island by car was across the old wooden Goodland bridge. In Development really picked up after 1960. The Jolley Bridge-which locals call the Marco bridge-opened in 1966. The Goodland Bridge was rebuilt in 1975. Goodland, Florida will be our starting point for our tours. These two communities are now completely surrounded by the Rookery Bay Federal Estuarine Reserve.